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This course offers you a very broad overview and introduction to a heavy truckís systems, controls and gauges. Familiarization both in and around our vehicles that are available (in the yard) are performed to introduce you to our fleet. Chaining tires is also introduced at this time.

4 hours
Preventative Maintenance - $90.00
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It is the responsibility of the operator to ensure that the load is properly secured so as to minimize, reduce or eliminate any chance of the load falling, becoming damaged, or otherwise pose a threat to personal injury or property damage while in transit.

This course will cover the doís and doníts to properly secure your load and includes the practical application of chaining and strapping a large piece of equipment to a high-boy (flat deck) trailer.

4 hours
Class One
Class Three
Air Brakes
Load Securement - $90.00
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Chain Up Course - $135.00