There are a number of things that you must do before attempting your class one or three road test. We recommend you start working on these steps prior to starting your training at CCA to ensure that your lessons and road test will be uninterrupted.

    1) Ensure that your licence is a valid Alberta Driverís licence that is at least a class 5 without a GDL restriction. Be sure that any outstanding tickets have been paid and that the registry has not suspended your account for any reason.

    2) Get the Basic and Professional Operators Handbooks and start studying for the written test.
       They can be accessed online by clicking the links below:


     3) Have a doctor complete a driverís medical for you. CCA can provide you with a list of doctors that will complete this medical for a lower price. (Class One Only)

     4) You will need to purchase a Road Test Permit from a designated Registry. On your first day, CCA staff will give you the Road Test appointment card that you need to take with you to purchase the permit. You will not be able to buy the permit until you have completed the medical and the written test.

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